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As a person who stutters, I had found at a young age refuge in my creative pursuits. Whether through writing, music, or film, I have dedicated my life and energy to storytelling, to exploring the emotional, spiritual and abstract underpinnings of the human condition, and am always on the lookout for others with whom I might share my imagination and enthusiasm.


At once a maturation of my own creative freelancing career and a continuation of my late father's personal music label, North Corner Music Group (NCMG), North Corner Media LLC was founded in order to provide a range of multimedia services that include videography, video editing, animation, photography, original music composition, and music engineering.

Whether you're in need of some content for your YouTube channel, an editor for an independent film, photos for your engagement, an original theme for your podcast, or a professional recording of your own original music, I can't wait to meet you there.

I am based in the greater New York City area, and am also available for hire as a pianist and keyboardist.

Drop me a line and let's create something!

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Elijah Samuel Duncan
Owner & CEO
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